The Plymouth plan is a new strategy from Plymouth council to consolidate Plymouth’s long term strategy plans for transport through to waste, children through to culture. They aim to ‘allow the city to have a single voice and help all key partners to pull together in the same direction’.

The Plymouth Plan acknowledges that water is a key component of what makes Plymouth unique, Plymouth boasts a renowned natural harbour as well as many conservation areas such as the Tamar estuary marine conservation zone and The Plymouth Sound and Estuaries European Marine Site. Water is a key assent to the Plymouth economy, from tourism and bathing water, agriculture and Plymouth’s residents.

The vision is to market Plymouth as ‘Britain’s Ocean city’ and a key objective is to maintain a clean and sustainable environment. Plymouth council recognises that that it is important that any new development or the legacy of existing development does not place additional stresses on the water environment through pollution or abstraction for drinking water or industrial processes.

The Plymouth Plan is now available online HERE and the public are encouraged to read and comment on the plan in order to gauge public opinion.

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