Set up in 1997, the Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum (TECF) is a management partnership that promotes the delivery of the integrated management of the Tamar estuary. This estuarine complex is comprised of the rivers Tamar, Tavy, Lynher, Plym and Plymouth sound and TECF incorporates the Plymouth Sound and Estuaries European Marine Site Management. One of the largest complexes in the southwest, the Tamar estuaries supports a large number of ecological, economical and recreational practices.

Tamar estuaries management plan

The Tamar estuaries management plan 2013 – 2018 has been completed and published online hereThis plan aims to ensure the sustained management of the area in order to preserve its resources. Taking a risk based approach; this plan sets out the objectives and potential pressures facing the estuaries and uses sympathetic management strategies over the next 5 years.

Coastal planning study

The coastal planning study was commissioned by TECF in response to the increased developmental pressure on the intertidal areas. The Tamar Estuaries contains many sites of ecological importance, such as the Plymouth Sound & Estuaries Special Area of Conservation (SAC), the Tamar Estuaries Complex Special Protection Area (SPA) as well as several Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). As the regional assembly has designated Plymouth as an area for high growth, it is vital that any future planning is conducted with high regard for the ecology of the area.

The coastal planning study looks at the direct, indirect and cumulative effects of development on the intertidal areas. The study provides evidence based guidance on planning procedures with special consideration given to estuaries nature conservation value. Read the full report here.


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