UntitledThe Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) has released a report looking at a section of the River Tamar between Polson and Greystone Bridges. Funded by the Environment Agency And Tamar AONB,  this report summarises a small project that looked in depth at one section of the river Tamar in terms of issues related to water quality and regulation and the perceived loss of habitats. The fieldwork for the project which was carried out in 2013 and 2014, included GIS mapping of the farmed landscape and attitude surveys amongst landowners. The report examines the water quality status of the river and the reasons why there may be issues. It also assesses habitat loss, comparing current land use with former usage as depicted on old maps.

The report then examines the potential for enhancement of both water quality and habitats using various approaches such as Wetland Vision, Payments for Ecosystems Services and the motivation of farmers through the potential for renewable energy through harvesting of biomass in hedges and farm woodlands. Recent progress in the development of whole farm woodfuel audits are explained and the results of woodfuel assessments on 3 farms within the Project area are evaluated.

For more information contact: Rosemary Teverson FWAGSW

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