The Northern Devon Nature Improvement Area (NIA) is one of 12 nationally important landscape scale wildlife schemes across England. It is a partnership project within the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with Devon Wildlife Trust as the NIA’s lead partner and at least 16 other project partners making active contributions to the project’s outcomes.

Visit the North Devon Nature Improvement Area website – HERE.

Working with local landowners and communities across the catchment of the river Torridge, the NIA is delivering an impressive and ambitious range of work to restore culm grassland and woodlands, create new wildlife habitat and improve water quality. Project staff and partners work closely with landowners and local people, to understand and celebrate the importance of the natural environment across an area of some 72,000 hectares stretching from Holsworthy and Okehampton to Bideford.

The NIA’s work will contribute to a better understanding of the services that nature provides for the local community of the Torridge catchment, including:

  • Clean water
  • Flood alleviation
  • Woodfuel
  • Wildlife
  • High quality food
  • Tourism
  • Wellbeing

The NIA is working with communities in the 51 parishes across the area to garner participation from all sectors of the community. Their aspirations of achieving a wildlife-rich landscape that is ‘bigger, better, more and joined’ extend from wildlife habitat to the connections between people and the landscape. 

The first phase of the NIA project runs for three years to March 2015. The partnership intends that the NIA’s work will continue for many decades to come, to deliver a sustainable, vibrant and healthy living landscape for the Torridge catchment.

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