cowsA pilot project which has operated between Dartmoor Commoners Councils, Dartmoor National Park Authority with support from Natural England, the RSPB, South West Water and the Duchy of Cornwall: It aims to develop a new approach to the management of the moor and all that it delivers in terms of environmental and societal benefits, in various forms of ecosystem services and agri-environment schemes. Developed alongside and from the Dartmoor Vision (a shared vision of what statutory authorities wanted Dartmoor to look like in 2030 and to avoid conflict between parties, including input from hill farmers and moorland users).

Farming futures is very much about putting the hill farmers who live and work here, at the centre of the discussion; understanding what the land can provide in terms of eco system services, how to best utilise this in an optimal manner whilst managing their own interests to continue grazing / access and stocking rates.

The pilots have been successful in increasing levels of discussion between parties, developing greater understanding of environmental aspects and schemes and focussing on shared benefits. It has been recommended to take the approach forward for further roll out (subject to funding) across wider areas of Dartmoor.

Further information about the pilot projects, reports and evaluation can be accessed here.


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