Catchment Restoration Fund

The Catchment Restoration Fund (CRF) is as nationwide fund designated to improve the health of river ecosystems via habitat restoration and pollution reduction measures. Started in 2012 and intended to run over three years, the fund intends to tackle issues highlighted under the Water Framework Directive. The Westcountry Rivers trust has been allocated over £4 million to lead and deliver restoration works within the Westcountry. This has been split over 5 projects designed to target the specific issues within each catchment.

Dart & Teign River Improvement Project

1779146_10152743333638351_8882393679919591537_n2The Dart and Teign River Improvement Project (DTRIP) is a partnership, led by the Westcountry Rivers Trust, which is using funding from the Catchment Restoration Fund to deliver improvements on the River Dart and the River Teign in South Devon.

DTRIP project is designed to tackle the main issues contributing to the current failure of the catchment from achieving Good Ecological Status under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) EU Directive. The project is primarily about delivering on-the-ground action to address the Water Framework Directive (WFD) failures and improve the overall ecological status of all failing water bodies within the Teign and Dart catchments by 2015. The 2 main issues in the Teign are low fish stocks and high levels of nutrients.

Fish failures may be due to: barriers or obstructions which are physically deterring populations from accessing upstream sections, sedimentation of spawning gravels or declining water quality.

Nutrients may enter the watercourse from a number of sources: agricultural, domestic or industrial. Farmed land can limit inputs by reducing run-off of nutrients and soil erosion, restricting livestock access to rivers and buffering these important marginal areas.

By working with our project partners across the Dart & Teign catchment we are aiming to improve water quality, provide free advice to support good land management and farming options, whilst enhancing biodiversity.
West Dart

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