fishing boatIn 2011, The Cornwall Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) was established in response to the Marine & Coastal Access Act 2009. The Cornwall IFCA manages the marine inshore environment from Marsland Mouth on the north coast of Cornwall, around to the western end of the Plymouth Breakwater in Plymouth Sound on the south coast, for all the waters out to the six mile limit and includes the rivers and estuaries up to tidal limits.

Cornwall IFCA annually review all the risks of all types of fishing against conservation objectives, and if necessary issue bylaws restricting harmful activity. IFCA officers have the power to issue penalties to anyone found breaking these bylaws. For more information on these bylaws click here.

In order to provide evidence on which to base these bylaws, Cornwall IFCA carefully monitors the marine inshore environment and have published several publications on their website (HERE).

Cornwall IFCA officers conduct patrols and inspections at sea, from our vessels as well as regular patrols around the coast, visiting ports, harbours and other places where fish are landed and places where shore gathering or angling take place.
Cornwall IFCA officers have the power to board vessels, inspect places of work, vessels and vehicles to determine if a fisheries offence has been committed. Individuals are obliged to provide reasonable assistance to facilitate these inspections. If officers believe an offence has been committed they have the power to seize and detain catch, gear and equipment and to order vessels to return to port where they can be detained.

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