devonport leatThis is a national project which looks at providing help, advice and further resources towards the identification and action to remedy misconnections – from domestic homes, to businesses, to industry. It has been developed and launched by the Environment Agency.

We often take for granted the plumbing, sewage or drainage system that operates around us, our homes or buildings. This infrastructure is rarely seen and hence the “out of sight, out of mind” adage applies. However, there are often a number of misconnections which can contribute to localised pollution incidents and declining water quality; cumulatively these may present a significant problem over time and scale.

Examples include domestic sources eg. from washing machines or even toilets that discharge into surface water drains – and from here untreated into watercourses and ultimately the sea. Wastewater should always be treated via sewage treatment works, with only clean roof water downpipes entering surface water drains.

These types of misconnections may occur due to changes from extensions or alterations, developments in or around urban areas, or purely from simple errors and misunderstanding. The Connect Right website provides a wealth of information so that home owners, industry, plumbing professionals and others are clear about what is required for correct connections and also how to remedy issues. It also provides information to clarify the impacts of misconnections; how this affects our water quality, threatens our ability to achieve Good Ecological Status under the Water Framework directive, and increases costs.

For more information and links to other relevant resources, see the website;

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