The Catchment-Based Approach (CaBA) Support Team are the group behind the 2013/14 CaBA Support Programme, and comprise representatives of some of the environmental Non-Government Organisations who have been most active in river catchment management over recent years, and who proposed a package of support to Defra to sit alongside the local Catchment Partnership Fund grants.

The team organise conferences, workshops and run the website, forum and newsletters to keep CaBA partnerships informed about best-practice, case-studies and training which is available to support their work under the Catchment-Based Approach.

The CaBA Website and Forum

The Catchment-Based Approach (CaBA) Support Team have created an online Community Forum for CaBA hosts and partner organisations (CLICK HERE). They have also produced a national CaBA website (CLICK HERE) designed to showcase all of the great work being undertaken by the 108 CaBA partnerships now established across England and Wales. 


Data & Evidence for CaBA

To ensure that the data and evidence requirements of the CaBA community are met the CaBA National Support Group have established a Catchment Data User Group. The primary aim of the Catchment Data User Group is to improve data and information sharing among the River Basin Planning and Catchment-Based Approach co-deliverer community. More specifically, the objectives of CDUG are to:

  • Review and prioritise options for data and information sharing developments to be funded under the Catchment Partnership Fund National Allocation
  • Coordinate, develop and promote the contribution of external data in to the river basin planning process 
  • Help identify end user requirements for river basin planning products and outputs
  • Advise and support clear external communications regarding proposed changes to the river basin planning process (for example WFD classifications, tools and ‘building blocks’, economic appraisal, etc). 
  • Identify opportunities for dissemination of best practice, joining up with parallel data and information-sharing initiatives and developing wider links to facilitate this.

There are huge amounts of data and evidence available to CaBA hosts and partners, but it is not always easy to make best use of it in your catchment planning work… In this presentation, Westcountry Rivers Trust’s Head of Data & Evidence, Dr Nick Paling, gives an overview of how data and evidence can be used to inform and facilitate participatory catchment planning in catchment partnerships. The presentation was given at the South West Data & Evidence Workshop held for CaBA Hosts, EA Catchment Coordinators and various EU 3C Project academics in Topsham, Devon, in December 2013. 

Key Catchment Data User Group Projects: 2013/15

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