3 Rivers & 500 Trees

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3 Rivers & 500 Trees

As part of the 3 Rivers CPAF project, the Westcountry Rivers Trust wanted to create woodlands in the Tavy catchment. Not only will this achieve all the usual benefits trees bring but also help regulate rain fall, surface water flows and, potentially, capture phosphate.The 3 Rivers in question, the Tavy, Walkham & Lumburn, are currently failing for phosphate and fish under the Water Framework Directive. Research has shown that tree planting can both contribute to the physical habitat and significantly help water quality.

Identifying available land with potential for woodland creation has been challenging but through the Catchment Partnership an area at Crowndale sewage treatment works, in the Lower Tavy catchment, was identified and planted with 500 native broadleaf trees.  In time, these trees will establish woodland that will complement the mosaic of grassland and scrub that already exist in the area.  The site is owned by South West Water and the planting was undertaken by Glendale Services.

Find out more about the 3 Rivers project here

.....& After!

…..& After!



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