Clear message from Tamar fisheries

Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Tamar
Clear message from Tamar fisheries

Your opinion is that we know salmon are declining, you don’t want any more data, and spawning and recruitment levels are a major problem

The Tamar Catchment Fisheries Plan (CFP) first meeting had many messages, but one important message on salmon came out loud and clear – youdon’t want those that work on the Tamar to spend further time and effort finding out what the problems are, or spend more effort measuring that decline. You are confident that you know what some of the causes of the problems are, and might know how to fix them.

I have volunteered to help in the creation of a Catchment Fisheries Plan, and to achieve this I will be taking the following three steps:

1. Organising a catchment tour in June for the Catchment Fisheries Partnership, with a focus on spawning and recruitment areas in the Tamar
2. Working with National bodies like the Angling Trust and national Rivers Trust to link the Tamar with other rivers in need of help
3. Creating an online library for the Tamar Catchment Fisheries where you will be able to access information about the catchment.
Meanwhile, if you would like to find out more about the main way WRT has worked to improve spawning on the Tamar over the last decade by our farm advice, then take a look a this video where I interview Ross Cherrington, WRT’s senior farm adviser.

Those that would like to look into the detail can download a summary of the votes here.

PS I will be working on other species in future, but I am keeping the focus right now on salmon, so as not to get overloaded.

Dr. Bruce Stockley

Head of Fisheries

Westcountry Rivers Trust

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