Open letter to the minister

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Open letter to the minister

The Chief Executive of Angling Trust & fish Legal, Mark Lloyd has written an open letter to George Eustice MP on behalf of the major angling and fisheries associations in the UK. Mark Lloyd summarises the key outcomes from the recent Angling Summit hosted by DEFRA and calls for a drastic gear shift in the current plans for the aquatic environment. They ask for the urgent restoration of fish stocks and for the protection of recreational angling which contributes £4 billion to the UK economy.

fishingIt is proposed that more authority is given to charitable and third sector organisations. It is acknowledged that these organisations that are the best equipped to plan and carry out habitat improvement works as part of the Catchment Based approach, and are the most cost-effective method of conducting necessary mitigation measures.

Modern farming techniques are highlighted for the highly deleterious impact they have on the surrounding catchment due to sediment erosion and run off into the rivers. They ask for more effective regulatory and enforcement procedures to be applied with regard to the serious issue of agricultural pollution.

Mark Lloyd finishes by stating “We strongly urged the Minister to take a serious grip on the situation facing some of our marine and freshwater fish stocks.  Urgent action is required at UK and international levels right now to stop the general malaise of nearly all stocks in recent decades, and the very rapid decline in stocks of bass and salmon in the past few years.  The nation’s 3 million anglers are fed up with waiting for government and its agencies to make progress on key issues such as agricultural pollution, over-abstraction of water, unsustainable netting and illegal fishing.”

To read the letter in full follow this link George_Eustice_re_Angling_Summit_November_2014_Final

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