Summary responses required

Posted by on Jun 26, 2014 in East Devon, Policy, South West, Tamar
Summary responses required

The Environment Agency will soon ask CaBA Catchment Partnerships to give them feedback on their new Catchment Summaries, which will ultimately feed into to the second generation of their River Basin Management Plans.

Environment-AgencyCatchment Summaries are documents produced by the Environment Agency: “A catchment summary is a standard Environment Agency product to provide information to help people respond to the consultation from a catchment perspective. It consists of information about ‘operational catchments’ grouped under summaries at the larger management catchment-scale.”

Before they are finalised later in the summer, there is an opportunity for catchment partnerships to provide additional commentary on the content of the Catchment Summaries in relation to key parts of the document. Catchment partnerships are also being asked for their views on the likely scale of improvement at the operational catchment scale that might be achieved by 2021, based on a series of questions about known delivery mechanisms.

The invitation to Catchment Partnerships to help shape the Catchment Summaries and Impact Assessment will come from their Environment Agency Catchment Coordinators in the next few weeks. The partnerships need to finalise the material they want to input with the Environment Agency by the 11th July at the latest.

The Environment Agency has released a briefing note (DOWNLOAD HERE) to describe how catchment partnerships can contribute to the EA’s Catchment Summaries that are being produced to support the next river basin planning consultation.

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