Funding quest begins

Posted by on Jun 26, 2014 in South West, Tamar
Funding quest begins

Following on from the initial meetings held by the Tamar Partnership and the other South West catchment partnerships in 2014, comprehensive lists of key interventions that need to be delivered are now being identified by the catchment stakeholders. As a result of this many CaBA organisations are now starting a big push towards the realisation of these actions and, in order to do this, are now looking for the funding and resources that will be required.

Where possible we hope that closer working between partners may allow certain actions to be delivered through the incorporation of additional actions into their existing programmes of work – hence we are seeking to link up any number of plans at a strategic level.

In addition, however, there are a number of completely new actions that no-one is set-up to deliver at present. To help get these intervention delivered, we are now working to prepare a number of bids for funding designed to reflect the priority issues on the intervention list (e.g. greater opportunities for citizen science; communities getting directly involved in monitoring their river catchments, more innovative projects to address diffuse rural pollution, opportunities for demonstration farms to share best practice and different approaches to woodland grant schemes, etc).

lifeWhile we await news on the success (or failure) of these bids, we are excited to announce that another bid for a project called WaterLIFE has been successful. Funded by the EU’s Life programme and starting in July, WaterLIFE is a 3 year partnership project between the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), The Rivers Trust (national body) and the Westcountry Rivers Trust.

The primary aims of WaterLIFE, which are completely aligned with those of CaBA, are to create greater involvement of civil society and the private sector in the delivery of Water Framework Directive (WFD) and in the restoration of our rivers to good ecological status. This will support our identified need for greater education and engagement of the wider community, plus delivery of more on the ground interventions. More details to follow as this project due to start later in the summer.

Get inspired by watching the film from the CaBA Start-Up Conference below…

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