Is your river eutrophic…?

Posted by on Jun 26, 2014 in East Devon, Science, South West, Tamar
Is your river eutrophic…?

Earlier this month the Environment Agency put out a call for for any records that people have which indicate that their river or stream may be experiencing eutrophic conditions.  The aim of hte exercise was gather as much evidence as possible to supplement or contradict the routine data they collect and hold about our watercourses. 

Eutrophic conditions are caused by elevated levels of nutrients in rivers and are usually indicated by excessive weed, plant or algae growth in the water. The rapid growth of plant material is soon followed by a period of die-back and then decomposition, which in turn leads to reduced levels of dissolved oxygen in the water, starving other aquatic life of the oxygen they need to survive. Eutrophication can cause fish kills to occur and algal blooms (some of which may be toxic). 

Thank-you all for your emails, photos and comments received so far. These have now all been forwarded onto Brett Grosvenor of the Environment Agency and, in turn, this will be fed into their assessment of river health across the region.

For more information about eutrophication, how it is caused and what the impacts can be, please see the Open University’s Online guide (CLICK HERE) or watch the film below…

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